A New Year… A Chance for a New You

Learn how to step out of your comfort zone by checking out this article below.

By: Rebecca Compton-Hall

Eyewear Consultant

glassesAlmost seventeen years ago, résumé in hand, I ventured into an optical store looking for a job. I was a young girl and I had no idea working there would ultimately change the trajectory of my life. The people I would meet, and the experiences I would have, would influence me in ways I could not have imagined.

At the time, I wore a very plain, black, plastic frame. Of course, there’s nothing wrong with a plain, black, plastic frame. This can be very chic and timeless and I still wear frames like this today. However, a special person encouraged me to step out of my comfort zone and to try something new. She strongly urged me to get a frame that I considered to be somewhat avant-garde at the time. It was burgundy, metal, and very angular. It had stylized temple extensions, making the frame appear wider than it actually was. A bit unsure, I took a deep breath and had those frames made with my prescription. I wondered if the frames really suited me. I wondered if other people would find them weird. I wondered if the burgundy colour would be difficult to match with my clothing.

Once I started wearing them, I was really surprised by the outcome. Everyone loved my edgy new frames! People said they really suited me and they went with my short Meg Ryan haircut. And I had no trouble matching the frames with my clothing; I actually found the burgundy acted more like a pseudo-neutral than anything else. At the same time, I found myself being more adventurous with my clothing choices. I was falling in love with fashion and eyewear. I was starting to wear things that were not just different for me, but things that also made me happy.

Sadly, the lady who helped me choose those frames passed away recently. I worked with her for many years at that optical store and she became like family to me. She showed me the ropes in optical, but she also inspired me to think differently about eyewear and fashion. In her honour, I’d like to pass on some thoughts to you.

Every once in awhile, step out of your comfort zone. Go ahead and choose that frame you couldn’t see yourself wearing at first. Get that pixie haircut or wear that colourful sweater that makes you smile. You may surprise yourself when you make a bold choice. It may feel different at first, but soon you find yourself getting used to it and eventually loving it. You should also wear what makes you feel happy! Other people’s opinions are important to an extent, but in the end only you can make you happy! Finally, don’t be afraid to explore something new. At the very least, you may find an interesting hobby and maybe even a new career path.

Naturally, as we enter the New Year, I find myself reflecting on the past. I fondly remember my time at that optical store and I realize it helped me become the person I am today. Somewhere along the way, optical became my profession and my passion. And with the help of that very special person, I stepped out my comfort zone and found that I loved what was waiting for me on the other side.

Rebecca is wearing Etnia Barcelona St. Louis in colour PGWH.

Sunglasses: A Year Round Investment

Here’s what to look for when making your purchase

Sunglasses aren’t just for warm, sunny weather… Read the article below to find out more.

 By: Rebecca Compton-Hall

 Eyewear Consultant

As we head into fall and winter, you might think it’s time to put away your sunglasses along with the shorts and sandals. But, not so fast. Harmful UV rays don’t disappear in the winter and there’s actually a lot of glare that emanates from snow and ice. You should actually wear your sunglasses all year long.

 So, it’s still worth purchasing a good pair of sunglasses even though summer is over. Those shades will help protect you from developing various eye conditions that contribute to vision loss as you age. Besides finding a pair with full UV protection, here are some other tips to help you achieve the best performance from your sunglasses.

Look for good coverage

Sunglass frames tend to be a bit larger than regular glasses so this is helpful when trying to get good coverage. Some sunglasses also have a bit of a curve or wrap. However, if you need prescription sunglasses, you might be more restricted in terms of the size and curvature of the frame. For example, depending on your prescription, a larger frame could mean thicker lenses, and a curve that is too severe could create distortion on the periphery. Don’t be too concerned though; a reputable eyewear provider, like Clearview Eyewear, can help you navigate.

Find the right colour and tint

The first thing you should determine is the colour of tint you would like in your sunglasses. This is a personal decision because it depends on what your eye prefers. Grey tints keep things looking darker all the time. So it might feel “gloomy” when it’s overcast but it might feel more restful to you in direct sunlight. Grey tints are more neutral they do not distort or enhance colours like other tints. Brown or rose tints, on the other hand, keep things looking a bit brighter while still cutting glare. These tints tend to be a bit more versatile in various lighting conditions, but they can also distort or enhance colours.


Consider polarization

The next thing to determine is whether you would prefer polarized or non-polarized sunglasses. Polarization provides maximum glare cutting, but it can also distort images. For instance, car windshields can appear “checkered” or a screen display might seem discoloured. Polarized lenses also tend to be lighter in colour. Alternatively, a dark tinted non-polarized lens will still cut glare, but not to the same extent as a polarized lens. However, opting for a non-polarized lens will often lower the overall cost.

Many people consider sunglasses to be a staple of their summer wardrobe. You reach for those shades when the sun is out in full force, but don’t put them away when the temperatures start to drop! Find ones that provide maximum protection and performance and wear them all year round. You’ll be doing yourself a favour. A good pair of sunglasses is a year round investment that will pay dividends.

As seen above, Rebecca is wearing Faniel Rigoletto in colour Vegetale with gold mirror lenses.